Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday My Beloved Niece

Image hosted by Pica my dearest niece,
June, 29th 2004, at the day you were born, I think God know that we couldn’t stand any longer to see a new angel in this family. He brought you to us seven weeks earlier before your mom's womb growth strong enough to deliver you normally in this world. You should know how we thankful to God at that time, knowing that you and your mom’s had doing just fine. There’s several tension days that we have been through to keep on watch your mom’s prenatal condition.

One day later, this beautifull name had given to you and appears at your little baby crib tag name at hospital : Aliyah Alfita Salsabilla Maruapey . Your dad's said it mean : wanita besar yang selalu penuh semangat dan gairah hidup seperti mata air dari surga . And I ask to my self : what's other name in this earth more beautifull than that ?

Since the day you were born, this family happiness just complete. Your cute sweet face or even your loud crying’ were made to be like sunshine in our live. Your proud dads and mom’s will always give their best thing for you to live.

Today...a year just passed, aunty just can’t hardly wait to see you running and wondering when will I hear your first word “aunty” to me…..happy birthday my sweetest one. Far from here, you know that aunty will always love you and wish that your beautiful smile keep shining in our live.


Anonymous kang ebet said...

ho oh.. namanya cantik... :)
ultah yang pertama yah, trus tantenya ngasih kado apa neh.. hihihi

8:54 PM  
Blogger Apey said...

makacih om vireli...pica dapet kado doa dari tante biar cepet gedhe and pintel om..

4:35 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

PIca happy b-day, kamu imuts dan gemesin deh. Salam jg buat oom-nya yah.
Sudi mampir?

9:55 PM  
Blogger Apey said...

makacih juga tante lili...tantenya pica udah mampir ke blog tante lili kok :-)

9:38 AM  
Anonymous lenje said...

Happy Birthday to Pica! Cipika cipiki yaaaaaaa.... sana minta kado yang banyak dari tante emon hehehhee...

HIDUP BLOGGERS INDONESIA! *gak ada hubungannya, cuma dengan semangat kopdar bareng SBY kekekkee...*

6:49 PM  
Blogger zie... said...

Sb nya napa djeng...
katanya mo update ayoo doooong smangattt :D
ngeblog dengan hati hehe...
gw udah tuhh walaupun cuma foto2 hahha...

4:01 PM  

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