Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Reading Beauty Case

Beauty Case by Icha Rahmanti have drag me to another relative confuse meaning of word BEAUTY. This book really cool and very entertain while you in “autopilot brain” situation. Well done Icha…!! For making the story emotion from low to high, from cry to laugh until the most from hate to love.

There’s many perspective and meaning that could be drawn for this story. Here’s what Icha wrote from one of her lines :

“from time to time beauty-women’s beauty always has its own standards. What’s in and out. If we are lucky enough to be born and growing up at the perfect ime, we might have all those qualities to be considered beautiful. But the thing is, lucky or not, we always get into it. To its standards"

My next question must be : what kind of standard is it ?? is that for having beautiful hair ? slimmy tall non fat body ? white skin? smooth face with unwrinkle looks for most of your age ?

Back to this book, I’m really like and say “amien” to what Max explain about the meaning of beauty to Nadja :

“there’s no beauty without emotion…..emotion that shows many things inside of you : passion, sadness, fear or worry which is part of alive….Even beautiful gals its everywhere but I need to see the emotion, I need to see the attitude, energy that moves and make me full of life……it’s about the idea, Nadja..try to seek beauty from something unseen…..”

Mon Dieu !! that’s really “wow” to me. I do agree with those words someway somehow. ..claps again for Icha, she did it brought to me a new ambiguous perspective of beauty.

So guys & gals…..what’s on your mind when you heard beauty then…?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's why it's categorized CHICK LIT. gak pernah bener2 geddit sama ide2 yang dibahas dan diperdebatkan panjang lebar di novel2 ini:D.


4:22 PM  
Blogger rd said...

btw, is it in english or indonesian?

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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