Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New adrenaline BUZZ

One month. Yupe!...its been a month since I had announced officialy to my self that “wow!!..…I’m bloging now “. There’s a lotta new thing happened after ….it feels like I have a new toy that bring another adrenalin buzz own phrase to describe how's a thing drive me crazy. Being a blogger become one of my accomplishment for sure...…since quite long time I haven’t got any creative activity in the net. Yeah…bloging has drag and sinked me into this cyber world.

Right now, bloging is just like email checking for me everyday. Even I still have to fight with my work and any regular activity schedule for just make a posting. I can feel my brain has try to retrieve so many “high and low” story that I’ve been through. There’s a lot of moments which I can’t hardly wait to write and to share…..moments with precious thing to think of, to reflect and till the end to learn from.

One thing that blog has amuse me well is that I have know many inspiring blogger with their A to Z posting and story. Make me overwhelmed sometime for digest all of them. Not mention that I envy with how creative they are for making their blog so great and looks nice… the usuall feeling for me who just enter and know this thing .

But I think I have to be proud with my own and say it loud …VOILA !! my simple blog that thristy for droppin’ & jump’in by those blogwalkers outside there, it will my honour if you can “speak your mind” on the tagboard or just comment on my post. Gosh !! this toy so awesome ......


Anonymous lenje said...

jeng monce, tampilan blog yang cantik emang suka bikin sirik. tapi gak menjamin substansinya okeh lohhh... banyak juga kok yg blognya sederhana, cukup pake feature yang disediakan provider, tapi toh karena isinya apik tenan jadi banyak penggemar dan penggampar. sing penting lak awakmu puas bisa menumpahkan isi kepala di blogmu, lan entuk konco anyar...

5:55 PM  
Anonymous xammy said...

Betul.. yang penting isinya...
lam kenal

3:48 PM  

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