Monday, July 10, 2006

AZZURRI all the way !!!

This day would be noted in history of football as a great day for Italia team victory who won 2006 world cup final and as a sad dramatic ending of France team especially to those who admire such a great star Zinedine Zidane. As we know Italy won the fourth world cup after beating France on penalties. More...

What I just saw in the world cup grand final this morning was so dramatic ending match. Either Italy or France have to deal with high expectation to win the ultimate prestige in a football world. As I'm a fan of Italy team since I knew how fun a football game (not mention how all my family football freaks), definitely I count on Italy for this final. Eventhough before the Final, the host Germany team has made it to distract my preference. In the semifinal, I feel my heart split to give a half each on Italy and Germany. Last semifinal game was really an early dramatic episode for me actually. Have to witnessing tragic ending of Germany team after the last 119 minute of the game !! But, I have to admit that the fortune was on Italy to win the Final ticket. I think both of team had already shown a great playing during the match.

The tension raise at the grandfinal match this morning as France try to get the worldcup trophy back after their victory in 1998. I remember that time, my mind was occupied with one name...Zinedine Zidane. I never have a favorite player from France before I knew him. But looking at how great his inspiring player, yes... Zizou did it melt my heart. Year after year I'm try to bit following his career and the last was at Real Madrid Club together with any other "handsome awesome powsome" player that ever born in this planet such as, David Beckham, Raul Gonzales, Ronaldo and etc..

My admire of him was tragicly ended this morning when I saw what he did to Materazzi from Italy team. That was so shocking !! Unbelievable to see him doing such mistake. Well, even this kinda sensation always happend during a worldcup game, but its really dissapointed me :( Even he's not the only one player that I like, but he did totally screw up my list of admire player. Looking back of my list, "The living legend" Paolo Maldini was still on top of my list. Too bad realizing actually that when Italy won this time, he's not there to be part of Azzurri team anymore.

Well after all this time, even France really not that bad team either, tryin' to looking back all of those tremendous moments of football, I guest from now on I shouldn't look away from my "first love" team...Azzurri the greatest, well done Italy!!


Anonymous lenje said...


*mourning for Zizou*

Aku bukan penggemar sepakbola, tapi aku cintah Zizou. Sampe2 kutulis satu postingan khusus untuknya, yang isinya meratap2... huaaaaaa...

Eniwei, it was indeed a STUPID act. Soal kalahnya Perancis, itu masalah biasa. Tapi losing temper in a critical moment and hence destroying his reputation, now THAT's ridiculous! Zizou, Zizou.. what were you thinking??? *crying aloud with the rest of the world*

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Silverlines said...

I am in Italian lover, be it their food, their coffee, and ehm .. their football player, I mean errr .. their football play.
Jadi yaaa gue seneeeeeeng banget Italy menang, biarpun tadinya I was also torn between two lovers antara Italy ama Brazil ..

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BaLL >> Pey, kok in english sih, gw khan kagak ngertii, paling juga taunya ohhh yeessss ohh nooooo ama oohh gowwddddd , hihihihihi. Pey, tau nggak , ternyata Zidane itu di provokasi ama Materazzi dengan celaan yang tidak pada tempatnya. Dah banyak kok beritanya. But, u know , i'm proud of Zidane. Go Zidane

11:29 AM  
Blogger Apey said...

Lenje : huaaaa....nangis bareng buat Zizou yukk :(( Aku dah komen di blogmu kan begimane aku harus mengobati luka hatiku nih...haha..

Silverlines : yupe..!! kegantengan pemain2 Italy ehh permainan sepakbola mereka memang TOP MARKOTOP !!

Iqbal darlingg, gw juga denger ttg itu sih. Kalo emang terbukti, Materazzi kudu kena sanksi tuh..poor Zidane yaa Golden Ball dia terancam dicabut tuh...hiks lagi :((

11:34 AM  
Blogger unai said...

what has zizou doin...?aku suka zizou, banget!!!My love torn in two...France and Italy also.. secara pemainnya ganteng ganteng.

Go Zizou..Go Materazzi..*plintat plintut mode on

1:08 PM  
Blogger Minarwan said...

Hi, if you've read Zidane's interview yesterday, you would have found out that Zidane was provoked by Materazzi. Some insults from Materazzi about Zidane's Mom and Sister were too much and it was done not only once but 2 or 3 times.
I read somewhere that Zidane's Mom was taken to a hospital because of serious illness in the morning of the final day, so obivously he (Zidane) was thinking of her while he was playing the match.

I think we can understand if some people love their family more than anything and any insult to their family is like a stab to their hearts. If I were Zidane, I would have kicked Materazzi's head instead of headbutting him :)

I am not a fans of Zidane nor the Italian team so as a neutral, I think Zidane's violent conduct is forgiveable. Italy may have won the World Cup, but I must say I am not impressed with the way they won it because they were willing to do illegal tricks as long as they win. Do you remember Fabio Grosso's dive in the last minute of the second half againts Australia? And now we have Zidane sent off because of insults from one of Italian players. Coincident? :)

Anyway, a win is still a win regardless how they achieved it and the winner still need to be congratulated, so congrats!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Apey said...

Unai : haha..bingung juga kan? :D

Mirnawan : Thx for the terrific reviews and explanation. Yupe! I've been looking for the link that might tell me exactly what happend. Just read your blog and I've got every link I need there !!! better linked your blog soon friend :)

1:16 PM  
Blogger Minarwan said...

Ada beberapa ulasan mengenai kasus Zidane dari berbagai perspektif, di sini:

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah, sepakbola lagi :D

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:03 AM  
Blogger guario said...

Buat para perempuan penggemar bola, gue mau nanya nih, lo mulai gemar sejak kapan sih? Kapan Pey? Apa ketika hormon mulai bicara dan ngelihat 22 orang cowok pake celana pendek berkeringat dan buka baju tentunya sangat sangat menyenangkan dan menggairahkan;)? Hihihi.... Ngaku deh:D!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Apey said...

Rio : Yok....errhh...mau tau aja sih !?! hahaha..selain sejak SD emang dicekokin tontonan sepakbola dari family gw yang football freak, tapi emberr lah...perempuan normal mana sih yg bisa menampik body okeh, tampang cool calm confident and kaki lincah seorang Maldini/Baggio/Becks/C.Ronaldo ?? mereka adalah pemain2 bola "terindah" yang pernah diciptakan Tuhan di atas bumi ini :P haha..

1:08 PM  
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