Monday, July 16, 2007

Beware of Me, My Friend

My name is Cocaine -- “Coke” for short –
And I first entered this country without a passport.
Ever since then, I’ve been hunted and sought
By junkies and pushers and plain-clothes “dicks” –
But mostly by users who need a “quick fix”.

I’m more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold.
My power is boundless once I take hold.
I’ll take you to depths you never thought you would reach:

I’ll make a preacher not want to preach.
I’ll make a schoolboy forget all his books,
I’ll make a beauty queen neglect her looks.
I’ll take a renowned speaker and make him a bore,
I’ll take your mama and make her a whore.

I’ve taken all kinds of people under my wing.
Just look around you for the effects of my “sting”
I’ve got daughters turning on their mothers,
I’ve got sisters stealing from their brothers,
I’ve got burglars robbing the courthouse.
I’ve got husbands pimping their spouse.

I’m the king of Crime and Prince of Destruction,
And I’ll cause your body organs not to function.
I’ll cause your babies to be born hooked,
I’ll turn an honest man into a Crook.

I’ll make you rob, steal and kill.
When you’re under my power, you have no will.
My name is “big C”, and that name is no lie.
Some call me the “white lady”, but no “lady” am I –

I’ve destroyed actors, sports heroes and politicians
I’ve reduced bank accounts to zero from millions.
I’m a a bad habit, too tough for any man.
Think you can control me? You’re a fool. No one can.
Yeh, I’m raising hell all over the earth.

You don’t believe me? Before you pass judgement check the “funny farms” first.
My puppets are standing on corners selling ‘”rocks”. Yeh, I’ve got it made!
Shootings and stabbing are my stock and trade.
Well, now you know what I do.
So remember my friend, it’s all up to you.
For once you decide to ride “White Horse” of Cocaine be advised:

You’d best ride me well,
For it’s my intention to RIDE YOU TO HELL !

noted : author unknown, taken from GOLD NUGGETS - Reading for experential education.
let's fight againts drugs


Blogger Doel said...

Terkadang terpikir mengapa orang milih si C ini... padahal masih banyak hal-hal lain yg menyenangkan :)

7:51 AM  
Blogger zuki said...

pa kabar ... udah lama ndak mampir ke sini ... :)

6:48 AM  
Anonymous aroengbinang said...

lintasan hidup sering gak terduga, namun selalu ada jalan untuk kembali.

8:27 AM  

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